Children's Ministries

Because faith is built on a foundation planted at a very young age, we strive to deliver the message of Christ to children at every level. There are many places for your child to grow.

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Your Commitment
 To pray with your child and to teach them to pray.
 To train your child by your word and example about the love of Jesus Christ.
 To teach your child what is in the Bible and how to live forever through Jesus.
 To nurture your child in the faith.

Church’s Commitment
 To partner with you in fostering your child’s spiritual growth.
 To be enthusiastic, contagious Christians.
 To be the best church we can be so your child will want to live in Christ and be a part of His Church.

Our programs include:

Cuddle-up Time

Offered for newborn-3 years old with a significant adult.

Little Tyke's Theater

Offered on Sunday mornings during worship services.

Kid's Zone

Offered Sunday mornings during worship services.

Family Night

Offered for the whole family with kids age four through 5th Grade.

Vacation Bible School

Offered for children age four through 5th grade for one week, usually the last full week of June.

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